A Language ImmersionTrip to Huangshan
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    With a group of 50 foreign students from 12 different countries, ICCS organized a language immersion trip to Huangshan, Anhui Province.

    Be known for the tea culture, the Hui Architecture and the Mount Huangshan, Huangshan attracts millions of tourists every year. During this trip, we visited Xieyuda Tea Museum to experience the special tea culture, where we tried some new kinds of Chinese tea and learned about the brief history of them. Compared with the Fujian Kongfu tea, the Anhui style is a totally new one to all of us, we were all impressed by the variety of the Chinese tea art and culture.

    As for the Hui Architecture, Village Hongcun is a can-not-miss place to visit. Located near the mountains and rivers gives Hongcun a beautiful scenery, meanwhile the typical Hui Architecture pictures her in a more beautiful way. What surprised us is people there still keeps a traditional living custom even nowadays, this is a definitely different China we see.

    In this two-day trip, we understand and are amazed at not only the language, but the diversity, the beauty, the richness, the particularity of Chinese culture.

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