What is the school life like in this special semester?
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As a grand opening ceremony held in Qishan Campus , via the internet, all the students of FNU, includes the freshmen and seniors begun a whole new fall semester on 23rd September, 2020.

What is the school life like in the pandemic period? How is the class going? How is the school life after class? Let’s check them out!

BJT 8:20 AM , Nur Sultan,Kazakhstan

Ayazbay Ulpan starts her online classes at 6:00 am in the morning local time at home. Due to the time differences, she needs to get up earlier than her classmates to attend the class, this makes her feel a little bit tired every time but she also finds her day better organized and used on the other hand. I also appreciate the time and the help those teachers give to us, we can reach out to them anytime with any questions no matter in the class or after it.”, she said to us.

Varava Olekandra is a fresh graduate student of FNU, she is so looking forward to coming to Fuzhou to continue her study some day and her biggest hope is to turn the virtual friendship and laughters now they have into physical ones.

BJT 9:00AM, Biomedical Research Center of South China, FNU

Perculija Vanja’s day always starts in his lab even during the lockdown, this is the third year of his master degree, he doesn’t want anything to delay his research project. FNU offers us various options and opportunities to learn better, to explore further and to enjoy more. Whilst I am here doing my research, my friends out there are working on their own fields too.”

BJT 11:00AM, Qishan Campus,FNU

Laurene Leong Hong, a freshman from Madagascar, is in a psychological group event organized by ICCS and the college of Psychology, where she and other students are participating some fun team games such as Trust Tour, Happy Magnifier and Decompression Card. In this kind of ice-breaking event, she gradually opened her heart to this strange environment and also the new friends, we can finally tell that she is no longer alone here.

BJT 2:00PM, Longren Guqin Center, Zhangzhou, Fujian

This is his second trip to Longren Guqin Center in Zhangzhou, but Jan Syed Sajid doesn’t feel bored at all. During this visit, he gets a chance not only to learn the production process of a Guqin, and also learn how to string a Guqin himself. He said excitedly: Guqin is very different from any other instruments in the world, not only in a different shape, the music and the sound from it is also very beautiful. Chinese music and culture are so fascinating.

BJT 4:30PM, Sports field,Qishan Campus,FNU

How could you miss Pingpong while studying in China! There is always a tournament going on in the Pingpong table, come and win the game!

Ok, maybe you would say Pingpong is too Chinese, let’s turn to the most universal one—football! Mustafa enjoys being a member of ICCS football team very much, he knows all his teammates and they manage to practice as much as they can which made them winning the champion out of other 25 colleges 2019. What a pride!

BJT 8:00 PM, Dormitory building, Qishan Campus,FNU

Mohamad, a master's student from Indonesia, likes to meet his friends at the pool table for a billiards. As night falls, the game is on. Meanwhile, Haidarov Islom from Tajikistan is having fun in some Chinese traditional folk games in Chinese Corner, who says you can’t learning while playing.

A group events like Plaza Dance(Guangchangwu) or open-air cinema are also not bad choices, whether you prefer something lively or quietly, there is always a suitable plan.

This is how a regular school day in FNU goes, with lots of laughing, sharing, exploring and most importantly learning. Wish you could be here to spend another beautiful day with us very soon!

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