ICCS Organized A Fire Drill for Foreign Students
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To further strengthen and enhance the awareness of fire safety and enhance the ability to deal with fire emergency, ICCS held a fire drill for all the international students in Heping Building on December 7, about 50 students participated in the drill.

During the drill, Mr. Zeng Yanyang, from the Security Department of FJNU, introduced same basic knowledge of fire emergency safety, explained in detail how to prevent fires inside the dormitory, how to safely use all the electrical appliances, and how to use those fire-fighting equipments. Under the guidance of the firefighters, all the students were conducted a fire extinguisher using practice.

The need for a fire drill is recognized: education on fire helps to prevent it: people started to learn more about what started fires, and what to do in the case of the first starting. And the purpose of fire drills in our campus is to ensure that everyone knows how to prevent a fire from happening and exit safely as quickly as possible if a fire, smoke or any other emergency occurs.

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