Monkey King is Coming to Town
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    Monkey King is a national-wide known character in China, on 6th this November, he is coming to town!

    The story opens with Monkey King agrees to become the guardian of the Heavenly Garden, he is left alone in the Garden where he eats the Empress’ peaches of immortality. As following, he tricks all the fairies and gods and left the Heaven a terrible mess to Flower and Fruit Mountain. The most impressive part is the Heavenly army descends on the Flower and Fruit Mountain, where Monkey King fights and defeats the Eighteen Heavenly Kings, who use a variety of weapons ranging from a sleep-inducing lute to a magical snake.


    All the students are so attracted to not only this beautiful story but also the exciting acts, it is so fascinating that we don’t even want to blink our eyes. We also learn from those professional actors how to make the facials in Opera and some basic gestures and walks. After the show, we are all Monkey Kings from different nations today!

    Within these two hours, we experienced such a fabulous scene with a wonderful story, nice costumes and the traditional melody, in the meanwhile we learned more about the Beijing Opera and its traditions!

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