A Visit to Fuzhou City Exhibition Center
发布时间:2018-09-29 浏览次数: 313

For all the new comers to Fuzhou, the city still stays in mystery. Her history, her modernity and her future attract them so much. On 26th September, all the freshmen paid a visit to Fuzhou City Exhibition Center to know more about this city.

       In the Exhibition hall, they overlooked the vast sand table to enjoy the full view of Fuzhou's beauty; experienced the magical ring-screen movies to understand the past and present of her; and even shuttled through the ancient streets and lanes to know her story. Images of Fuzhou's traditional life, new achievements of her development and blueprints of her future planning had brought the visitors from the past to the future, and made them more intuitively understand the inclusiveness city spirit of Fuzhou.

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