First City-touring of Sanfang-qixiang for the Freshmen in ICCS
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A group of 45 foreign students in ICCS,Fujian Normal University ,visited Sanfang-qixiang in Fuzhou city on 21st September.

As the first city touring organized by ICCS, we pick up Sanfang-qixiang as our destination. Sanfang-qixiang is a historic and cultural area, whose name literally means three lanes and seven alleys. Covering a total area of 38 hectares, it is celebrated as an architectural museum of Ming and Qing Dynasty buildings and a living fossil of traditional Chinese urban wards of Li and Fang that date back to as early as Tang Dynasty.

    It was the first time for all the freshmen to visit Sanfang-qixiang. It appealed so much to them with the clean street, ancient buildings, tasty food,nice handcrafts and friendly people. They enjoyed here so much with the shopping, talking, laughing, eating with a perfect weather.

    We wish as the first group event we have with the freshmen this year, they would enjoy and explore Fuzhou, even China as time goes by.

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