ICCS Organized the "Tea Culture Event" for Overseas Students
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On May 12th, a group of 84 overseas students of ICCS visited the Chunlun Tea Farm and the Jasmine Tea Culture Base to experience the tea picking and making procedure.


Under the guidance of the local tea farmers, those students went into the tea farm to pick tea leaves which were young and fresh enough to have a good flavor. In the afternoon, the students visited the Jasmine Garden of Chunlun Group, watched the traditional display of jasmine tea, and visited the Jasmine Tea Museum, learned the history about the jasmine tea, savored the tea, and experienced the process of manual tea-making, and intuitively felt the quintessence of Chinese traditional tea culture.


Nika, a Poland girl, did not know much about tea culture before, but after this one-day tea farm trip she said, I have always been interested in tea. It's exciting to experience all this tea picking procedure.  Wu Liya, a student from Indonesia, was amazed at the whole process of tea making .She said, ”The complete process of tea making is so complicated but wonderful. There is also a variety of tea types in Indonesia, but is not as rich as China”. Everyone was marveled at the wisdom of the Fuzhou people mixing jasmine and tea, the laughter and joy continued during the whole trip.


This Tea Culture Event is one of the series of activities of Chinese Culture Experience for overseas students in ICCS. It aims to deepen the understanding of the Chinese traditional culture and Fuzhou local culture, to improve the language level of the foreign students and to enhance the friendship between the students and the Chinese people.

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