A Chinese Salon about Chinese Zodiac
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ICCS organized a Chinese salon about Chinese Zodiac on December 7, 2019. The twelve animal creatures of the Chinese Zodiac have become increasingly familiar in the world. ICCS organized the salon about Chinese Zodiac to help foreign students get to know the details better.

At the beginning, Chinese students introduced the basic knowledge about the Chinese Zodiac, then showed the cute animals on the PPT, and illustrated every different culture meanings to the foreign students.   

After the warm up knowledge teaching, there were two interesting games. First one was a quiz game of guessing Chinese Zodiac idioms according to pictures, the other one was guessing the idioms according the act by team members. Many foreign students raised their hands. answered the questions and acted enthusiastically, they were intensely competitive and were always trying outdo on another.

The last part of the salon was lantern making. The foreign students draw their own year animals on the paper, after coloring, sticking and tying, many beautiful lanterns appeared in the warm evening.

Through this Chinese salon, foreign students got to know Chinese Zodiac better, experienced Chinese Zodiac culture, made their own year animal lanterns as well. What a wonderful Chinese salon!

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