A Culture Immersion to the Longren Chinese Zither Village
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42 foreign graduate students of ICCS paid a visit to the Longren Chinese Zither Village in Zhangzhou led by Dean LIN Xinnian on November 25 and 26.  

Students learned the history and development of Chinese Zither, and enjoyed some famous music pieces at the beginning of the culture immersion. Then, they visited several Chinese cultural shows in Fujian Longren Academy, such as Chinese Zither instruments show, Craftsmanship show of Chinese Zither, and Chinese Butterfly Painting show. Students all marveled at the classical academy atmosphere and exquisite artistry.

In the Chinese Zither experience class, foreign students learned how to play the Chinese Zither. After the introduction of some elementary fingering skills, all the students practiced the entry level pieces successfully. Moreover, students visited the Chinese Zither-making factory and got to know the complicated making process, and some students even got a chance to experience the procedure of uploading the strings. Those gave them a great insight to the Chinese Zither culture.

Within the 2-day-immersion, the foreign graduate students practiced Chinese language, learned to play the  Chinese classical instrument, and experienced the Chinese culture as well.  

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