Experience the Traditional Culture, Feel the Charm of Traditional Chinese Medicine
发布时间:2021-06-15 浏览次数: 10

   In the afternoon of June 9, foreign students participated in the “Traditional Chinese Medicine into campus” activity, experienced the traditional culture and felt the charm of traditional Chinese medicine.

First, students from the Institute of Rehabilitation, Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine taught the foreign students the knowledge of personal hygiene and some tips of traditional Chinese medicine, advocated living a healthy lifestyle. Then, foreign students learned how to make scented sachets with traditional Chinese medicine. Moreover, they learned some basic traditional Chinese medicine knowledge, like massage and acupuncture. At last, foreign students experienced the traditional Chinese medicine treatment, such as feeling the pulse, ear acupuncture and moxibustion. Everyone received the personal health advices, and got to know that the traditional Chinese medicine was extensive and profound.

    Through this culture experience, foreign students enjoyed the charm of the traditional Chinese medicine, and they said they would change the bad habits in order to live more healthily.  

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