Visit the hometown of Mazu
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     Mazu(妈祖) is widely regarded as the goddess of the marine in Chinese culture, especially the southeast of China. Meizhou Putian, is the hometown of Mazu, where the people there have a strong belief in Mazu. During the 4th Global Mazu Culture Forum, a bunch of ICCS students are invited to participate this event.

    Visiting the temple where Mazu is served until today, tasting the traditional food named after Mazu, watching the annual memorial ceremony, joining the culture forum, serial activities made us learn the history about Mazu and its belief.

    Along the marine silk road, Mazu was brought overseas to southeast Asia,south Asia, even Africa and America. Under the theme “Mazu Culture, Maritime Civilazation, Culture Exchange”, we, even from different culture backgrounds, speaking different languages, got to understand and experience more about Mazu and the local life in Meizhou. All of us were impressed by Mazu’s customs and beliefs, Mazu and her story would be very unforgettable to us.

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